I have been invited to illustrate for music festival Arosian Black Mass in Sweden, I have been asked to create illustrations depicting six of the eleven acts. The most interesting part of working on these illustrations is all the research that goes behind it, diving into philosophy, ancient history, alchemy, folklore and the esoteric.


Mjölnir (Thors Hammer)

I finally completed a hand drawn version with my interpretation of Thors Hammer. Traveling in Scandinavia, it was interesting to come across circles that no longer respect Thor nor the “Asgardian” Gods due to their weakness shown in the myths in comparison to the primordial giants, their wisdom, strength and character is beyond our understanding, even Odin sacrifices his eye to catch a glimpse of the boundless force. It is these qualities that interest me and make the gods more human. The myths we know today where written by a Christian after the Viking age and clearly blend the two beliefs in its story telling. I like to get away from all moral judgment and  understand the nature of the Gods, Giants and humans as forces, neither good nor bad, as this morality play has no meaning in nature.

Pencil & Indian Ink


gomenilla asked:

when i can get tattoos, i was wondering if youd be cool if i maybe possibly consider getting your infinity tentacle as one too??? its super cool!!

Sure you can use it for tattoo purposes, make sure to send a pic once you get it done! Thanks for the feedback too.